Mar 14, 2018

Re: The Kitchen

Soy. @TMD / Mar.
Soy. Water Heater
Soy. The Kitchen - [PG]
Soy. Gus Burner
Soy. Pot with Tomate soup [prop]
Soy. Frying pan with Omelet [prop]
Soy. Cutting Board (White) [prop]
Soy. Sliced Onion [prop]
Soy. Knife [prop]
Soy. Cup of Coffee [prop]
Soy. Dishes [prop]
Soy. Sponge [prop]

▷ Others
--ANHELO-G02_16-178GA :: detergents
--ANHELO-G02_12-178GA :: cutting board and knives
--ANHELO-G02_13-178GA :: kitchen shelf
--ANHELO-G02_15-178GA :: rice cooker