Jul 15, 2016


Cosmic Dust - Her Messy Desk Part 2 @The Epiphany / July NEW  >> Gacha
 [Cosmic Dust] - The MaxBook Computer - Gold RARE
 [Cosmic Dust] - Lovely Hairbrush - Pink
 [Cosmic Dust] - Cosmetic Compact  - Pink
 [Cosmic Dust] - Stack of Books
 [Cosmic Dust] - Shade Magazine
 [Cosmic Dust] - Hipster Glasses
 [Cosmic Dust] - Cosmic Cola
 [Cosmic Dust]  - Paper Airplane

 [Cosmic Dust] - Graphics Tablet << It is Exclusive item.
  *Exclusive item is only redeemable through Epiphany points and will not be available after the July round is over.

▸ FLF / July 15th NEW
 [Cosmic Dust] - Cutesie Phone Typer // Mint Confetti
 [Cosmic Dust] - Cutesie Phone Typer // Pink Confetti
 [tmk] SkyRoom

▸ Others
 -tres blah- Workspace - Inspiration Board
 -tres blah- Workspace - Print and Books
 -tres blah- Workspace - Fancy Figure
 -tres blah- Workspace - Catch-All
 -tres blah- Workspace - Desk
 -tres blah- Workspace - Chair
 Lark - Winter Bunting
 Mutresse-Cheeky Raccoons-Digging
 Mutresse-Cheeky Raccoons-Peekaboo