Sep 2, 2014

Re:201408 Home

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House - {iD} VaCaTiOn -01-


*ionic* swinging bunny (wooden base)
*ionic* La Ventana
HD solid wood chair Couple PG(FAT)
soy. koushu_smoke stand_red
Soy. Chair for water tub [white wood]
Soy. Antique garden tile sink (BL)
Hideki - Robot Lamp
Hideki - Wooden Trees
LISP - Dinky Wash Tub - Natural - with bubbles

Second Spaces - Nellie Office Ladder
Soy. Motor oil can
Soy. Tires with stand
Soy. Fridge (white) ALL
Soy. vintage boom box [Red]
=LIZAIL= Simple game (Train)
!O: Humpty for Breakfast [Pink]
Toronto-Chalkboard backsplash
*ionic* the chapter four books

oyasumi / folding table / RARE (w/o cloth)
oyasumi / folding chair / RARE
oyasumi / breakfast plate
oyasumi / toast rack
oyasumi / coffee grinder
oyasumi / coffee maker
oyasumi / pepper grinder
oyasumi / mug / white

{what next} Silver Ride-On Speedster (wear)
[Con.] & :CP: Quiet Night TV Unit
[Con.] & :CP: Quiet Night Table
junk. round rug. floral.
junk. matchstick light. white. with plug.
junk. t frame light.
Hideki - Scandinavian spring - Couch -
HIDEKI - Kitchen Trolley
HIDEKI - Coffee Chair
HIDEKI - Domino
HIDEKI - Boardgame
HIDEKI - Basket Game RARE
HIDEKI - Industrial Cafe Stool
HIDEKI - Industrial Cafe Table
HIDEKI - Magazine Shelf
HIDEKI - String Bookshelf
*ionic* Boho love
*ionic* BePresent
:::LP::: Photo Album (5)
:::LP::: Photo Album Closed [Decor] (2)
:::LP::: Stack O' Polaroids (7)
[Commoner] Break-Up Survival Kit / Box of Tissues (Blue)
.lame - Clara's Rug - Neutral

LAQ Decor ~ Toilet (Light Wood)
:CP: Solja Hideaway Travel
:CP: Bremen Vanity
[mdrm] bath
.lame - Henry Rug - Kersplat
.lame - Tiara Laundry Basket - White
junk. ladder shelf. light.


9月のお家もそろそろ出来上がりそうです (*´◡`*)